Arsenal v Aston Villa: Five things that never happen in FA Cup finals

It never finishes 1-1 after 90 minutes

Four of the past ten FA Cup finals went to extra time: two were 0-0, one was 2-2 and there was even a 3-3, yet none ended 1-1, despite that being the most common Premier League draw scoreline. In fact, there hasn’t been a 90-minute 1-1 in the FA Cup final since Arsenal met Sheffield Wednesday in 1993, when the pair produced those numbers in both the initial tie and a replay. It is [9.8] for Arsenal and Villa to end the 22-year wait.

No team ever exceeds three goals

There hasn’t been a proper FA Cup final thrashing since Manchester United thumped Chelsea 4-0 in 1994, and even that marked the first occasion that a side scored four or more on cup final day since 1953, excluding replays. No team have netted four or more in a final since then, and it is [8.2] that Arsenal buck that trend by striking four times or more and winning, with Villa [120.0] to do likewise. The Gunners have averaged four a match against the midlanders this season.

Wingers never get the glory

Tim Sherwood has made wingers an endangered species at Villa Park, favouring 4-3-2-1 and 4-1-2-1-2. Perhaps it has all been a long game leading up to this due to an understanding that the FA Cup final doesn’t treat wide men well. A legitimate winger hasn’t broken the deadlock in the showpiece since Cristiano Ronaldo did so for Manchester United against Millwall in 2004. The only semi-exception since was Ramires, who notched for Chelsea against Liverpool in 2012 after being shunted out on the right. Alexis Sanchez is [6.8] to fire first this year.

The scoring never opens just after an hour

The first goal time of the FA Cup final varies, with five different ten-minute time bands being paid out in the past five editions. Each of the nine market options have landed over the course of the last 12 years except one: 61-70 minutes, which is [17.0] to be the victorious bracket this year. The previous successful outing for 61-70 was in 2002 when Ray Parlour launched Arsenal in front against Chelsea. Three of the Londoners’ most recent six fixtures were goalless on the hour mark.

The trailing side never score second

In all five finals this decade, the team that went 1-0 down never rallied back with the second goal of the contest, either settling for a 1-0 defeat (three times) or falling 2-0 behind (twice). Indeed, the strike to make it 1-0 has been equalised in just one of the latest 12 finals. If you fancy that to change, the way to capitalise is to back whichever club are losing 1-0 in-play in the Next Goal market.