Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Right now Harry Kane will feel like s**t

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Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov was once in the same position as Harry Kane so there’s nobody better to read on this summer’s biggest transfer saga…

“As a player, you want to have an honest discussion with the club. Whether you leave or stay, you want to do business the right way, but that is not always possible.”

What’s going on with Harry Kane at the moment reminds me of my own situation in 2008 when I moved from Tottenham to Manchester United.

Kane is in the most difficult situation now because he’s in the middle of the process and this is when, unfortunately, some fans are going to turn against him because of the way he is doing things – skipping training, showing that he wants to leave.

Tension is bad for Kane and Spurs

For Kane to have done this means something has not worked the way he wanted or maybe someone made him a promise that they have broken. It tests your patience and you need to show you’re determined to leave.

The only people benefiting from this situation are Manchester City. Harry Kane and Spurs are suffering because the tension is building between the club and the player. It creates animosity towards the player and towards the club and risks him leaving on a sour note.

In football, this has happened before and it will happen in the future, but you never want it to come to this. As a player, you want to have a fair discussion with the club. Whether you leave or stay, you want to do business the right way, but that is not always possible.

Fans are only getting part of the story

Things are happening in the background that the public won’t see. I’ve been there so I pretty much know what is going on behind closed doors between the clubs and the player and the agent.

Failing to turn up for training is a last resort. If it comes to this then things are not going well and it’s a difficult situation because you’re going to let people down. When you’re the player, fans will feel betrayed by you.

Kane must not boycott matches

I missed two games for Spurs when my transfer to United was about to happen and, looking back, I don’t think it played much of a role in getting my move. I didn’t skip training but I showed that I wanted to leave.

It was an unfortunate situation and it was tearing me apart inside because I’m not the type of person who wants to do that. When it comes to this moment, you need to be tough, unfortunately, and in business you need to be tough and stand your ground. The person who is the most affected when you do this is the player.

Physically and mentally, it gets you down. You think about all scenarios and you get mentally exhausted. Even though I did it, one of the worst things that could happen would be for Kane to boycott Spurs matches. That would be painful to watch and difficult to swallow for the fans and everybody connected with the club. I don’t want to see that happening. It would put even more fuel on the fire.

I want the situation to be resolved before the season starts so that the team and player have time to adjust. Spurs may not have a replacement for Kane yet but they may already be looking at who they can get with the money to replace him. It’s going to be a big gap to fill.

Painful situation

Right now, Harry Kane will be feeling like s***. He will ask himself: “Am I doing the right thing?” These questions go through your head. He’ll have his team around him, his agent, family and friends to give him advice.

His agent is probably in contact with City and they’re probably swapping ideas about how to do things. He’s going to doubt himself, though, because he’s Mr Spurs, he’s been their best player for so long. The only person who is going to suffer from all this, even if it is for his own good, is the player.

Kane can learn from Levy

Daniel Levy is very tough, trust me! If I was in his position I would be the same. If you are smart enough you can learn a few things when you talk to him. If Kane speaks with the chairman he can remember a couple of things that might help him in the future because Levy is really good at negotiating.

Levy knows how to get it what he wants. Sometimes the fans do not approve of his ways of doing things, but because of him they have the best stadium in Europe and the best training facility that I have ever seen.

He wants to grow the team. People will say: “But the trophies are not there.” But Levy wants the best for the team and fights hard for them.

Deal could be done on deadline day

If he does leave in the next week or so, Kane could face Spurs in his first game for City. It would be very strange and difficult for the player. I am not convinced, though, that the deal is going to happen until the near end of the transfer window.

I expect it will be left until the last possible moment. Having been through that in 2008, I don’t want it to be that way and I would like it if the deal to happen as soon as possible.

On deadline day 2008, I was still in London and my agent went to meet Levy. I was so mentally exhausted from everything going on that I needed to sleep in the afternoon from all the emotion.

Whilst I was taking a nap I dreamt I flew to Manchester then made my debut for United. I woke up with my agent calling. He said: “Wake up and get ready, we’re going on a plane to Manchester.” We got on the plane, I signed the contract with minutes to spare before the deadline and the rest is history.

Source: Betfair Premier League