Monday, Tuesday, Happy Kane

In what could easily be described as the least surprising England call-up of recent memory, today Roy Hodgson confirmed that Tottenham’s Harry Kane will be a part of the England squad ahead of Tuesday’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Lithuania…

To celebrate the debut international call-up of a genuinely exciting English footballer, our Traders purchased First Class tickets for the Harry Kane Hype Train and came up with a few Specials for you to get involved with.

To start against Lithuania
Yes – 4/7
No – 5/4

To sing the National Anthem before Lithuania match
Yes – 1/4
No – 11/4

To score against Lithuania
Yes – 2/1
No – 4/11

To score two or more versus Lithuania
Yes – 10/1
No – 1/20

To score a hat-trick versus Lithuania
Yes – 50/1

To score a ‘perfect hat-trick’ versus Lithuania
Yes – 500/1

To save a penalty for England
Yes – 50/1

So sit-back, strap-in, and watch on as England does what England does best – get us all excited against our better judgement, only to let us down and leave us cursing why we bothered getting all excited in the first place.