Seven of the greatest bust-a-move dance celebrations

Rasul Chunayev goes Jacko

Answers on a postcard please for what in name of Louie Spence Azerbaijani Greco-Roman wrestler Rasul Chunayev is attempting here. All we know is if everyone celebrated winning a gold medal by busting out a mash-up of Riverdance and Thriller the world would have a massive permanent grin on its chops.

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Stjarnan go fishing

The Icelandic outfit have made a name for themselves with their choreographed post-goal routines that range from constructing a human bicycle to a probably ill-considered Rambo-style shooting spree.

Here they went viral with a perfectly enacted catch of the day. If this is how they celebrate a pen what do they have planned for a thirty yard screamer?

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James Hahn rocks Gangham Style

South Korean born James Hahn missed out on the 2015 Masters after calling an unnoticed one stroke penalty on himself. That shows integrity. This however does not, an embarrassing dad-version of an annoying craze that has already dated more than Katie Price.

Ghana thot ’til it’s hot

Taking the lead against Germany in the 2014 World Cup is as good a time as any to trot out the Thot walk with Asamoah Gyan gaining extra props for bringing the swagg to the party.

Don’t worry, we don’t know what any of that means either but it definitely deserves a ten from Len.

The jerk DeSean Jackson

Knowing precisely when to bust out your moves in a club is a tricky art. Do you get down ‘n’ dirty on your way to the floor? Do you gradually fade it in en route? Or do you walk purposely into the throng before going all Napoleon Dynamite?

Wide receiver Desean Jackson had no such concerns in his pomp, breaking out the Jerk 20 yards from the end zone. The maverick.

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Peter Crouch goes a-poppin’

We should be thankful aliens didn’t hover over Old Trafford on October 13th 2009 to witness a gangly streak of skin and bone street-pop like a ropey old VHS tape on the blink. Otherwise they’d have swiftly taken their technology elsewhere.

Crouch’s robot moves are looked back on now with a mixture of fondness and cringe not that Pete cared a jot at the time – he’s just scored for England and was heading home with Abbey Clancy.

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Theo Fleury’s mental ballet

South Africa doing a World Cup Macarena was fun while there are a hundred NFL routines in contention for this last spot, all practised in their mansions in a bid to enhance their brand recognition and snag a Pizza Hut ad deal. Sometimes though it is the impromptu explosion of celebratory ecstasy that wins our heart. This from Fleury is the dance of the demented; the little kid ruining his trousers by skidding on the wedding reception floor; the Lotto winning jig. It is a ballet of sorts.

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